If you have purchased a probate property, HMRC may owe you a Stamp Duty refund.

If a property trader has purchased a property from the Executors or Personal Representatives of a deceased individual and has paid Stamp Duty, there is a possibility that they may be eligible for a refund.

Stamp Duty refund for Probate

If a property trader purchases a property from the Executors or Personal Representatives of a deceased individual, it may be exempt from Stamp Duty, subject to the following conditions:

A) The acquisition must be part of a business that involves acquiring dwellings primarily for purposes other than investment. The main business activity of the company should revolve around trading properties.

B) The deceased individual must have occupied the dwelling as their main or only residence within the last two years of their life.

C) The property trader must not have the intention to:

  • Spend an amount exceeding the Permitted Amount on refurbishing the dwelling.
  • Grant a lease or license of the dwelling.
  • Allow any of its directors, employees, or any person connected with its principals or employees to occupy the dwelling.

D) The area of land acquired, including the dwelling, must not exceed the Permitted Area.

Condition A depends on the nature of the buyer, with their main business activity centred around purchasing properties for refurbishment and subsequent sale.

For condition B, it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the deceased individual used the property as their main or sole residence during the specified period. This determination is based on the specific circumstances of each purchase.

For condition C, The Permitted Amount allowed for refurbishments is either £10,000 or 5% of the acquisition price, whichever is greater, with a maximum cap of £20,000. Refurbishment activities involve improving or enhancing the value of the property but do not include cleaning or work necessary to meet minimum safety standards.

For condition D, the Permitted Area refers to the size of land acquired, including the dwelling and its site. It is typically half a hectare or a larger area necessary for the reasonable enjoyment of the dwelling, considering its size and character. If the acquired property exceeds the Permitted Area, partial relief may still be claimed as long as the other conditions are satisfied.

This relief was introduced as an amendment to the Finance Act 2003, specifically through the insertion of a new Schedule 6A, with sub-paragraph (3), to enhance flexibility in the housing market.

If you are a property trader and have purchased properties from the Executors or Personal Representatives of a deceased individual, we may be able to assist you in reclaiming a stamp duty refund.

Stamp Duty Land Tax

You may be eligible to reclaim Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT).

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Stamp Duty Refunds Process

Eligibility Check

To claim, you must have bought a property or 2nd home within the last 4 years which had defects/issues.

Send Documentation

We will ask you to send us your SDLT documentation and any supporting evidence to proceed with your claim

Claim Submission

We’ll collect information from you about your property, and assess the eligibility of your claim.

Receive your Stamp Duty refund

On the successful completion of your case you will receive your refund from HMRC

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To qualify for an SDLT refund, your property must meet the following criteria:

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