HMRC may owe you a Stamp Duty Refund if your property purchase included chattels.

If you have purchased chattels alongside your property purchase, you might be eligible for a stamp duty refund.

Stamp Duty refund for if property purchase included chattels.

When determining the category of an item for stamp duty purposes, HMRC follows a basic principle. A “fixture” refers to something that is firmly attached to the land and cannot be removed without causing significant damage. On the other hand, anything that does not meet the criteria of a fixture and is movable is considered a “chattel.”

HMRC provides guidelines on the classification of certain items as chattels, which are tangible and movable assets. These items include:

  • Carpets, whether fitted or not
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Electric and gas fires that can be easily removed
  • Free-standing furniture
  • Kitchen white goods, unless they are fully integrated into the property

Conversely, the following items are generally not regarded as chattels:

  • Central heating systems
  • Fitted kitchen units, cupboards, and sinks
  • Fitted bathroom sanitary ware
  • Gas and wall-mounted ovens
  • Intruder alarm systems

Furthermore, when apportioning the value of the property and chattels, it should be done on a “just and reasonable basis.” This ensures a fair allocation of value between the property itself and the movable assets.

It is important to consult with relevant authorities or seek professional advice to determine the specific categorization and apportionment of items for stamp duty purposes. Compliance with HMRC guidelines and regulations ensures a proper assessment of stamp duty liability and the potential eligibility for a refund based on the chattels involved in the property purchase.

If you have purchased a residential property that included chattels, we may be able to assist you in reclaiming a stamp duty refund.

Stamp Duty Land Tax

You may be eligible to reclaim Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT).

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Stamp Duty Refunds Process

Eligibility Check

To claim, you must have bought a property or 2nd home within the last 4 years which had defects/issues.

Send Documentation

We will ask you to send us your SDLT documentation and any supporting evidence to proceed with your claim

Claim Submission

We’ll collect information from you about your property, and assess the eligibility of your claim.

Receive your Stamp Duty refund

On the successful completion of your case you will receive your refund from HMRC

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To qualify for an SDLT refund, your property must meet the following criteria:

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